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Thermostatic Radiator Valve, M30x1,5 with RA valve adapter, battery powered, white

Wireless head is used to control radiator heating. An excellent replacement for the traditional manual thermostatic head. For proper operation of the TRV head, it is necessary to associate it with the E20 master controller. Two-way communication and temperature comparison system provides a sense of comfort throughout the heated area, not just near the radiator. Up to 6 TRV heads can be paired with one controller in the same room.

Product features:

compatibility with the engo smart application (in tuya cloud technology) - engocompatibility with the ENGO Smart application (in Tuya Cloud technology)
wireless communication with e20zb master controller - engowireless communication with E20ZB master controller
automatic calibration - engoautomatic calibration
exceptionally quiet - engoexceptionally quiet
plug&play - engoplug&play
small size - engosmall size

Technical data
Power supply

2xAA battery


Wireless with controllers E20ZB (868 MHz + ZigBee)

Thread size

M30 x 1.5 / M28 x 1.5

Dimensions [mm]

Φ50 x 8

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