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Welcome to our technological world! We design and market products designed for HEAT CONTROL.


We are a revolutionary brand in the heating industry

We offer products designed for modern heating control. Our devices minimize energy consumption fees and help relieve the burden on the environment.

With us, high quality goes hand in hand with easy operation. As a team at ENGO Controls, we believe that technology is for people never the other way around.

We carefully test designed products, check whether they are intuitive to use, whether they have all possible improvements, whether their functions are useful on a daily basis.

Only when the answer to these questions is YES do the thermostats go to market.

Comfort technology

We want our products to be part of a safe, homey atmosphere. Comfort is not just a comfortable sofa or soft armchair. It is the right interior microclimate, warm flooring, atmospheric lighting, a perfect feeling in one's own home.

We want to provide modern solutions that best fit the lifestyle of the household members and take care of all this.



Energy efficient

Controlling your heating saves energy. You use only as much heat as you need. The house is well heated and the bills are lower.


New solutions

We offer you only modern solutions. We are open to cooperation with other future technologies (Tuya Cloud). We provide ONLINE control.



We take care of the details. We keep an eye on quality. We are confident in our products, which is why we give you a long warranty period and free pre- and post-purchase advice as standard.



Ecology is important to us. Less energy consumption, means less pollution. Our devices give an opportunity to relieve the burden on nature.


Andrzej Tymowicz

Managing Director QL Controls

He is responsible for building the company's overall sales and marketing policy. He is involved in long-term strategic planning and supervision of the implementation of sales and marketing assumptions on the Polish and foreign markets. He gained his professional experience in international corporations. He was working on all levels of his commercial career and therefore knows how to build relationships with strategic customers. He appreciates healthy competition and thinking out-of-the-box. He is working in QL CONTROLS since 2010.

Bartosz Jamruszkiewicz

Export Manager

Graduate of business management at the University of Economics and Business in Katowice. He started working in business during his studies, exploring the arcana of leasing brokerage. He has several years of professional experience gained in international companies, where he was in charge of sales and market development. He spent several years in the UK, Romania, Austria, Canada, Hong Kong and the USA. At QL Controls, he is responsible for the implementation of sales activities in Southeast Europe

Łukasz Apanel

Export Manager

Graduate of Sales Management at the University of Business and Commerce. He has over thirteen years of experience in trading on foreign markets in the HVAC industry. At QL Controls, he is responsible for achieving international sales goals in his area. On a daily basis, he takes care of establishing and maintaining business relationships with clients and implementing the company's strategic development directions.

Konrad Sławiński

Export Manager

Experienced export specialist. For many years, he honed his skills in managerial positions in an international corporation in the UK. He was a key person in very successful local business development in Canada. . Since 2019, he has been involved in the HVAC industry in Poland, from where he expanded the customer base of domestic companies to all continents. At QL Controls, he is responsible for customer service and business growth in the Western markets.

Arna Čizmović

Technical Sales Representative

Graduated at Mechanical Faculty University of Sarajevo, B&H, department energetic and obtained degree: Graduated Mechanical Engineer. After passing the professional exam became a Designer of mechanical installations. During her work experience of 22 years, she worked in sales, import, design, technical acceptance of installations, as well as a manager of department unit. In the position of Technical Sales Support Specialist at QL Controls, she is responsible for cooperation with business partners on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market.

Egidijus Karitonis

Technical Sales Representative

Most of his career path he was responsible for technical/production equipment maintenance and repair in various local and international production companies. As well he gained his experience in production management as well while working in wood and industrial sealing companies. He gained mechanical engineering degree as well kept learning and improving himself within quality, production management, optimization topics within all these career years. In QL Controls he is responsible for technical sales support on the Lithuanian market - he cooperates with local wholesalers, stores and installers.

Sandra Pandrea

Technical Sales Representative

Sandra is our liaison with all Romanian partners, bringing a wealth of experience in sales and training. She is responsible for the expansion of our partner network in Romania, providing their teams with essential technical training, and delivering both logistical and technical support.

Martyna Adamiec

Export Specialist

A graduate of Russian Philology, passionate about the culture and literature of our eastern neighbors. Her duties include sales support in the Export Department. Using her knowledge of Russian language and cultural background, she also prepares translations of advertising materials.

Alina Mrówczyńska

Export Specialist

She started her work at QL Controls as an administrative employee, then took care of the sales service for Domestic Customers. Currently in the ENGO Controls team, she powers the ranks of export trade. She also coordinates sales in European markets.

Kamila Cofała

Export Specialist

She specializes in international sales. Her responsibilities include the preparation of quotations and the processing of foreign orders. Additional knowledge of administrative and accounting issues enables her to provide effective service to export customers.

Sergiusz Lewandowski

Marketing Specialist

At ENGO Controls he is responsible for marketing activities on eastern markets. He cooperates with clients in the promotion of the brand, cares about its image and advises eastern partners on advertising issues.

Agnieszka Szumiata

Marketing specialist-export

Graduate of the Wrocław School of Banking. At Engo Controls, she prepares promotional materials for export markets, implements marketing campaigns, and promotes the brand in social media. She is also responsible for contact with foreign customers.

Szymon Panfil

Technical Specialist

A graduate of the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała, at QL Controls responsible for technical trainings and export cooperation with European countries and technical support for our Technical Sales Representatives from abroad and non-Polish-speaking customers.

Paweł Pasek

Technical Specialist

Associated with ENGO Controls Technical Department - as a service employee. He is responsible for contact with non-Polish speaking clients in the field of technical support and control system selection. He tests new products and verifies documentation from a technical and substantive point of view.


Do you know the industry? Do you feel that you will find yourself in our team? You might be right! If you additionally want to improve your competencies and expand your horizons, we are looking for you.

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