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Andrzej Tymowicz

Managing Director QL Controls

He is responsible for building the company's overall sales and marketing policy. He is involved in long-term strategic planning and supervision of the implementation of sales and marketing assumptions on the Polish and foreign markets. He gained his professional experience in international corporations. He was working on all levels of his commercial career and therefore knows how to build relationships with strategic customers. He appreciates healthy competition and thinking out-of-the-box. He is working in QL CONTROLS since 2010.

Kamil Wielgus

Export Manager

Manager with over 12 years of experience in sales of machines, technologies and maintenance services in the industrial sector, both on domestic and foreign markets. A graduate of the University of Rzeszów in the fields of Russian Philology and English Philology and the University of Economics in Katowice in the field of Foreign Trade. At QL Controls he is responsible for sales in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Arna Čizmović

Technical Sales Representative

Graduated at Mechanical Faculty University of Sarajevo, B&H, department energetic and obtained degree: Graduated Mechanical Engineer. After passing the professional exam became a Designer of mechanical installations. During her work experience of 22 years, she worked in sales, import, design, technical acceptance of installations, as well as a manager of department unit. In the position of Technical Sales Support Specialist at QL Controls, she is responsible for cooperation with business partners on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market.

Egidijus Karitonis

Technical Sales Representative

Most of his career path he was responsible for technical/production equipment maintenance and repair in various local and international production companies. As well he gained his experience in production management as well while working in wood and industrial sealing companies. He gained mechanical engineering degree as well kept learning and improving himself within quality, production management, optimization topics within all these career years. In QL Controls he is responsible for technical sales support on the Lithuanian market - he cooperates with local wholesalers, stores and installers.

Martyna Adamiec

Export Specialist

A graduate of Russian Philology, passionate about the culture and literature of our eastern neighbors. Her duties include sales support in the Export Department. Using her knowledge of Russian language and cultural background, she also prepares translations of advertising materials.

Alina Mrówczyńska

Export Specialist

She started her work at QL Controls as an administrative employee, then took care of the sales service for Domestic Customers. Currently in the ENGO Controls team, she powers the ranks of export trade. She also coordinates sales in European markets.

Sergiusz Lewandowski

Marketing Specialist

At ENGO Controls he is responsible for marketing activities on eastern markets. He cooperates with clients in the promotion of the brand, cares about its image and advises eastern partners on advertising issues.

Agnieszka Szumiata

Marketing specialist-export

Graduate of the Wrocław School of Banking. At Engo Controls, she prepares promotional materials for export markets, implements marketing campaigns, and promotes the brand in social media. She is also responsible for contact with foreign customers.

Szymon Panfil

Technical Specialist

A graduate of the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała, at QL Controls responsible for technical trainings and export cooperation with European countries and technical support for our Technical Sales Representatives from abroad and non-Polish-speaking customers.

Paweł Pasek

Technical Specialist

Associated with ENGO Controls Technical Department - as a service employee. He is responsible for contact with non-Polish speaking clients in the field of technical support and control system selection. He tests new products and verifies documentation from a technical and substantive point of view.

How do we work at ENGO Controls?


    Every day our experts receive dozens of phone calls from which we find out what you expect from heating control systems. This is an important part of our work. It helps us know what to look for to make sure your usage is trouble-free and efficient.


    Knowing what you expect, we create devices that not only control the temperature but are also ecological, economical and user-friendly. We are guided by the principle: quality is a way of thinking that makes you use and constantly seek the best solutions /W. E. Deming/.


    Before we introduce a new product to the market, we subject it to various tests. We take it to our homes, ask engineers and technologists for their opinion. We want to make sure that the new product will perform well for years of use. Although we live in times when everything wears out quickly, we design devices in such a way that they serve you as long as possible.


    We never stop at innovation. We ask how our products work in your home and improve them if necessary. That's why our control systems fulfill the highest standards and are free of "dead features" that aren't needed in everyday use. We focus on making things easier for you, not more complicated.


    You can count on the technical assistance of specialists not only when choosing devices for your home. Of course, we are happy to help you with that, too. But our priority is to provide you with comprehensive service, from start to finish. You will always receive support, no matter how long it has been since you made your purchase. Just call or write to us.


    We believe that only in a good atmosphere can something valuable be created. We are open to contact with every client, and in our office in Poland there is a friendly working atmosphere. We like each other, we speak to each other by name and we appreciate others' sense of humour. Our team consists of competent people who are open to exchange even the most different views.

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