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Energy control
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Who are we?

As the ENGO Controls team, we listen to our customers’ needs. We believe that technology is for people – not the other way around. That is why we take great care in testing the designed products. We check whether they are intuitive to use, whether they have all possible improvements, whether their functions are useful in everyday life. Only when these questions are answered positively, the devices are released to the market.

We want our products to be part of a safe, cozy atmosphere. Comfort is not only a comfortable sofa or a soft armchair. It is the right interior microclimate, warm floor, mood lighting, perfect feeling in your own home. We want to provide modern solutions that best fit the lifestyle of the homeowner and take care of it all.


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We look to the future!

The ENGO Controls brand focuses on environmental responsibility and proven technologies. The company policy goes in the direction of maximum customer convenience with minimum environmental impact.



Heating control saves energy. We use only as much as we need. As a result, the house is always optimally heated and the bills are lower.



We use only modern, efficient technology in our devices. We are also open for cooperation with other future automations (Tuya Smart).



When designing products, we pay attention to details. We test, check and control the quality and functionality of our products. This allows us to offer a long warranty period and free advice before and after purchase as standard.



We are moving in an eco-friendly direction. Less energy consumption helps the environment. Our equipment - thanks to its efficiency – give an opportunity to relieve the burden on nature.

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We care
about product quality

We create the highest-class control devices. We increase their usability using innovative solutions. ENGO Controls projects are well planned and based on the current market needs. Our measure of quality is: the efficient operation of products, simplicity of use, heating efficiency.

What else will we take care of?

We work for comfort of our customers

Working with Tuya Smart

A great advantage of the ENGO Smart system is its compatibility with the international Tuya platform for controlling smart home devices.

With its help, you can control from any place, for example, heating, lighting, roller shutters, gates. It allows you to plan the working hours of devices or combine their operation into a series of actions. It provides voice control via Amazon Echo, Google Home. Tuya Smart is constantly expanding, so it supports products from many brands. ENGO Controls is included in this group.


Tuya Smart

Points of sale of our systems

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ENGO Controls - heating control devices.

ENGO Controls company offers modern heating control devices. Thanks to them you will reduce the consumption of energy used to heat the building, and you will also take care of your comfort. The bills associated with the exploitation of the object will be a much smaller burden on your budget. On the other hand, the emissions of harmful substances produced during the conversion of fuel into heat energy will be significantly reduced. This will benefit you and the environment. Your home will be at a comfortable temperature, while making changes to it will be convenient, fast and efficient.

You have a smart home and you are looking for an optimal heat management solution? You've come to the right place!

We are a company that focuses on innovation that has a neutral impact on the environment. Energy efficiency, modernity, warranty and responsibility are not just marketing slogans, but a mission that we efficiently implement in every device we design.

Our products have become an integral part of the infrastructure in the homes of many Poles.

What benefits do they provide? First of all, they are real savings - for you and for the environment. The devices integrate perfectly with the other elements included in the smart home and beyond. They also do not disturb their functioning. Aesthetically, they fit in with the form-saving elements - they blend in with the decor. You can choose surface-mounted or flush-mounted thermostats and other devices to take care of thermal comfort in the building and reduce the energy consumption required to heat it.


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