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ZigBee Roller Shutter

Roller shutter is designed to control the drives of window blinds and curtains in a smart building. It provides trouble-free and smooth operation of even large, demanding motors – the maximum contact load is as high as 16(5)A. The device gives possibility to program selected operating modes using the ENGO Smart mobile application. The controller allows percentage (gradual) opening and closing of window blinds, which improves the comfort of their daily use. It can also be controlled manually, using connected buttons. It works in conjunction with the EGATEZB internet gateway (available separately in the offer).

Product Features:

compatibility with  the engo smart application (in tuya cloud technology - engocompatibility with the ENGO Smart application (in Tuya Cloud technology
zigbee 3.0 communication  standard - engoZigBee 3.0 communication standard
led indicating operation status - engoLED indicating operation status

Technical data
Power supply

230V AC 50Hz

Max current



ZigBee 3.0

Output SL1, SL2

230V AC 50 Hz

Input S1, S2

230V AC 50 Hz

Dimensions [mm]

46 x 46 x 24

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