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Relay module 12 A

It is used for switching on/off electrical devices. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be installed in an installation box or where there is a need to control a receiver with a maximum load of 12A.

Application examples:

  • Controlling a heating appliance (ON-OFF type) by connecting a 230V AC voltage thermostat such as ESIMPLE230 to the relay.
  • Connecting a receiver with more power than the relay in a thermostat allows. The maximum current consumption of an electrical device must not exceed 12A.
  • Relief of outputs in the control box (e.g. ECB08M) with ERM12A in case of use of a larger number of actuators per zone or high power receivers (e.g. electric heating mats)

Technical specifications
Power supply

230V AC 50 Hz

Max current



NO/COM (voltage free)

SL 230V AC voltage output signal

Control output

NO/COM/NC (voltage free)

Dimensions [mm]

47 x 47 x 20

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