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WIFI Smart Relay, 1x16A, NO-COM output

Product designed for intelligent control of any on/off device. The voltage-free output allows you to control devices that require circuit closure or 230V. You can use EREL1WIFI16A to: opening/closing garage/entry gates, controlling lighting, central heating circulation pump, DHW circulation pump, but also heat source – e.g. gas boiler or heat pump (after configuration with other system components). The relay allows you to set an operating schedule in the ENGO Smart application or build rules in which its switching on/off depends on another device (e.g., switching on a light when the opening sensor detects an open door). Permissible load capacity of contacts up to 16A. The product gives the possibility to connect the temperature sensor EFS300 (NTC 10kΩ sensor, sold separately). This allows you to see the measured temperature in the application and create smart scenarios depending on this temperature. The size of the module allows it to be placed in a flush-mounted installation box.

Product Features:

compatibility with  the engo smart application (in tuya cloud technology) - engocompatibility with the ENGO Smart application (in Tuya Cloud technology)
voltage-free output - engovoltage-free output
voltage supply - stable operation - engovoltage supply - stable operation
wi-fi 2.4 ghz communication standard - engoWi-Fi 2.4 GHz communication standard
minimalistic design - engominimalistic design
temperature sensor - engotemperature sensor

Technical data
Power supply

230V AC 50Hz

Max current



Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz

Control output

NO/COM (voltage free)

Input control contacts

S1 i S2 (voltage free)


voltage-free contact or temperature sensor EFS300

Dimensions [mm]

46 x 46 x 24

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