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Thermoelectric actuator for underfloor heating manifold

The thermoelectric actuator is designed to control the heating system. It can be used with valve inserts in the manifold for underfloor heating or with zone valves. It allows you to open or close the flow of the heating medium in the loop, providing temperature control. Works directly with the thermostat or indirectly through a control box.

Product features:

"First Open" function - makes the first installation easy
fast opening time
large stroke
small size
low power consumption
modern design,
high durability

Technical specifications

NC = normally closed

Thread size

M28 x 1.5mm

Power supply

230V AC 50Hz

Power consumption


Inrush current

300mA / 200ms

Press force

100N +/- 15%

Max. stroke


torage temp.

-25°C to +60°C

Ambient temp.

Max. 60°C

Protection class

IP 54/II

Cable length


Dimensions [mm].

Φ 41 x 65

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