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ZigBee/868MHz Smart Thermostat, battery, white

Surface-mounted temperature controller, used to control underfloor and radiator heating. Easy to install and operate – installer and user friendly. Mains-powered (230V) or battery-powered (2xAA). Programmable and controllable via ENGO Smart application, using ZigBee 3.0 gateway – EGATEZB. The controllers can wirelessly control various ZigBee devices (e.g. wireless ECB62ZB strip, EMODZB module, EREL1ZB12A relay, EREL1ZB16A or ETRV heads). The 230V version also works as a standalone and can be connected directly to a receiver (e.g., a wired control strip).

Product features:

compatibility with  the engo smart application  (in tuya cloud technology) - engocompatibility with the ENGO Smart application (in Tuya Cloud technology)
zigbee 3.0 communication standard - engoZigBee 3.0 communication standard
engo binding function (binding of devices in online and offline mode) - engoENGO binding function (binding of devices in Online and Offline mode)
possibility to set the minimum and maximum setpoint temperature range - engopossibility to set the minimum and maximum setpoint temperature range
wireless communication  with trv heads in the standard  868mhz - engowireless communication with TRV heads in the standard 868MHz
tpi algorithm ideal  for underfloor heating - engoTPI algorithm ideal for underfloor heating

Technical data
Power supply

230V AC 50 Hz

Max. current


Temp. setpoint range

5,0°C – 45,0°C

Display temp. accuracy


Control algorithm

Hysteresis (±0,1°C – ±2°C)


ZigBee 3.0
RF 868MHz

Control output

COM / NO (voltage free)

Dimensions [mm]

80 x 80 x 23

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