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ONE and IoT.
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The ONE thermostat works with TUYA technology, which is widespread around the world, making it universal by all means. Our mobile application is based on TUYA Smart. With its help you will operate all devices compatible with this home automation platform. ONE will easily become part of a TUYA-based smart home. Different brands, one control.

Modernity works

Modern thermostat provide maximum comfort in indoor environments.
Created from a vision - designed with attention to detail.
The only one of its kind. Choose perfection in heating control.

Be the ONE

Our technology

The thermostat communicates wirelessly with the control system in the latest 3rd generation ZigBee data transmission protocol. Increased signal security, seamless connectivity and low power consumption are a guarantee of optimal operation for you. Saved connections and operating rules will be retained even when there is no Internet access. You will appreciate this quality at the very first launch.

Pure pleasure

Programming the controller will not trouble you, because you do not have to "wade through" the control panel. You will find precise modes of temperature control in the mobile app. You will also set support functions in it, making the device easily adapt to your daily activities. On the thermostat we placed only 3 basic buttons! Everything as in your hand - a large display with adjustable backlight power helps you read the parameters.

Engo Smart

Information is power.
You have it
at your fingertips

You will program the ONE thermostat in the ENGO Smart mobile app, as this improves the use of the device. The app allows you to manage the operation of the heating system based on the latest technology. It enables zone control. With a few clicks you will set a separate temperature in each room, which will be maintained according to the selected schedule or your preferences. You can download ENGO Smart in Google Play and App Store.

ONE collects all strategic data about your heating. The app records its daily operation. In ENGO Smart you will download temperature history graphs that will help you analyze your system's performance. You can systematically monitor energy consumption. Such knowledge allows you to keep your hand on the pulse of expenses related to the operation of the building.

New technologies are constantly updating themselves, which they immediately inform their user about. This raises the standard of living and improves safety. The ONE thermostat helps you stay up to date with the operation of your heating system. Push notifications will appear on your smartphone whenever there is a binding change. This way you will never miss messages about important events.

More than heating.
ONE for business

The ONE thermostat allows connection of an external NTC sensor. Installing an occupancy sensor (hotel card) allows you to activate the heating mode depending on the presence of guests in the room. Therefore, it is essential in the hotel industry. It's as comfortable as it is energy efficient. You don't waste heat, and at the same time you don't have to remember to start the heating. The pleasant temperature will be summoned automatically when you log into the room.

The PIN code lock is an excellent control tool that will protect you from unwanted change of heating values by unauthorized persons. This feature is at the top of the list in the hotel industry, but it will also work perfectly in private homes. Full control over the temperature means full control over heating expenses. It allows you to know what you are paying for and pay what you plan to pay.

The ability to share selected thermostat functions with other users gives you even more freedom to manage your vacation property. This option allows you to temporarily lend heating settings to people renting the facility. Guests decide for themselves how much heat they need. They gain the convenience of controlling the temperature, but of course within the limits you set. Still only you have access to the thermostat's advanced settings.

14 mm
34 mm
14 mm
34 mm

Power supply
Li-Ion 3,7V
230V AC 50Hz

Max current (ver. 230V)
3(1) A

Temperature control range
5°C – 45°C

Display temp. accuracy

Control algorithm hm
TPI or hysteresis (±0.1°C to ±2°C)

ZigBee 3.0 2,4GHz

Input S1-S2
Floor or air temp sensor, hotel card

Control output (ver. 230V)
COM/NO (voltage free)

Dimensions [mm]
90 x 90 x 34
(13mm after mounting in Ø 60mm box)

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