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ZigBee 12A relay module

The product is designed for an intelligent control of devices that require potential-free control. The voltage-free output makes it possible to control devices that require 230V. The size of the module allows it to be placed in a flush-mounted installation box.

It can be used as a boiler control relay for a heating system (“normally open” output logic) or a heat pump.

It operates according to programmed schedules or scenarios (e.g., operation dependent on the operation of other system components, such as a window/door sensor or temperature thermostat).

The module can be controlled remotely (via smartphone and the Engo Smart/Tuya app) or locally with a bistable/monostable connector.

In order to use this device, it is necessary to have a universal ZigBee 3.0 gateway.

Product features:

multiple functions available in the ENGO Smart / Tuya Smart application
Voltage-free output
small dimensions
works as a repeater

Technical specifications
Power supply

230V AC 50Hz

Max current



ZigBee 3.0 2,4GHz

Control output

COM/NO (voltage free)

Dimensions [mm]


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