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Control Box for Underfloor Heating System with 6 wireless ZigBee zones + 2 wired zones, 230V

Control box allows to controlthe surface heating. Itis equipped with voltage outputs 230V forthe circulation pump,thermostats and thermoelectric actuators. The control box allows control of 8 heating zones in a combination of connections – 2 wired and 6 wireless temperature thermostats. It works with NC type actuators, such as E30NC230, E28NC230. The control box has a built-in module for controlling a heating device, e.g. boiler, heat pump (voltage-free output).

Wired control is performed by direct cable connection of thermostats to the control box. The thermostats can be battery operated (COM-NO contact) or powered by 230V AC. Wireless communication is performed in ZigBee 3.0 technology with dedicated temperature thermostats EONEBAT, EONE230 via EGATZB Internet gateway. In addition, by connecting the EGATZB gateway to the Internet, it is possible to control room temperature* using the free ENGO Smart/TUYA Smart mobile application.

*- EGATZB and ECB62RF compatible thermostats are required

Product features:

control of 8 independent heating zones
2 wired inputs, 6 wireless (ZigBee 3.0 network)
voltage output to control the circulation pump
built-in heat source control module (voltage free contact)
for each of 8 zones dedicated dual output socket for actuators
adapted for mounting on a DIN rail
3 min time switching delay, built-in function for pump and boiler outputs

Technical specifications
Power supply

230V AC 50Hz

Max current

10(1) A


wired and wireless ZigBee 3.0


2 wired zones
6 ZigBee wireless zones


Pump (230V)
Boiler (NO/COM)
Thermoelectric actuators (230V)

Dimensions [mm]

330 x 110 x 36

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