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Meet ENGO mascot!



The heating season has begun, so it’s the perfect time to introduce our company mascot!

Why was ENGO mascot created?

In winter, we most appreciate the pleasant warmth in our homes. In order to enjoy it, you need to properly control the heating system and, as a result, the temperature in the rooms.

We often talk about it, but we have come to the conclusion that words are sometimes not enough. A colorful, cuddly mascot will do a great job as a “guide” to ecological and economical heating.

Why did we choose the penguin?

Because it is an animal capable of thermoregulation, which, in order to live, needs clean air – just like us humans.

In winter, controlling the warmth where we stay is the key to well-being. We would like ENGO mascot to remind you of this.

We hope that the mascot will please our current and future customers, especially their kids. Expect many opportunities to receive our mascot!


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